Thursday, April 12, 2012

ThE WoNdEr YeArS


Since Easter, life has been crazy on the Shawhan farm. Jimmy and Charlie put in an honest days' work on Monday for the first time since since October. They succeeded in getting the garden plowed. I shared their victory with a hen and gave her a worm I found in the newly turned soil. On Tuesday they both enjoyed a pedicure at the farriers along with a dentist appointment. Yesterday was back to pre-school with sugar buzzed kids thanks to the Easter Bunny and today was a day with the cows along with my own dentist appointment....

I can't help but be a little envious of the chicks who laze around The Palace all day and it's surrounding properties. Thanks to Grandpa, they now have two very nice handcrafted ladders that allow for easy access up and down out of the brooder. Thanks to their mom and dad, they have endless supply of food...which is good...since they now have an endless supply of the munchies. They have become typical teens who sit around and nap and eat, and eat and nap, and nap and eat, then poop, then eat some more, then nap again and then maybe poop again.

With the teen years, also comes teen attitude. They do not respect the curfew that Flock 1 abides by. They fail to understand that they are not invincible and can't stay out past dark. Runaway attempts happen all the time when we try to rein them in.... also, Justin Bieber music is ALWAYS booming from the brooder along with sing-a-longs to Katy Perry. I really hate to burst their bubbles, but they aren't "California Gurls"...thought they would, "Like totally love to be...LOLZ!!!!!"

                                                                             ...cluck... cluck... chirp... chirp...

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