Monday, April 30, 2012

Prom 2012


First, I want to apologize for not getting the Sunday post up last night. Remember, I try to do a Chronicle every Sunday and Thursday. As the wedding season has been upon us, I've been pretty busy and got home late last night...then The Amazing Race was on and I just HAD to see if Brendon and Rachael made it for another leg...which they did....whew!

Not only did I have a busy weekend, but so did the chickens..well Flock 1 did. It was PROM!!!!

The Shawhan Farm Prom of 2012 was held here in Kennel Bar, Saturday, April 28th from 8:00 P.M. until 12:00 A.M. Due to security reasons , there was no after prom.

The magical night began with the Grand March...much like the one held for Hillsboro High School. Each couple lined up in the horse pasture behind the barn. Flock 2 watched and chirped excitedly as they watched in awe and wonder as each dolled up couple paraded past The Palace when they were called by the announcer, Jimmy Percheron. Chaz and Foghorn escorted their dates, Chatty Cathy and Prissy. The Beefy Boys had to step-in as escorts since there are only two roosters to go around.... it was a chicken-only prom. Samantha was escorted by Bert. Jacklyn Daniels walked proudly beside Ernie. Henrietta was on the arm of Jiblet. Sally Comfort was right behind them with Chuck and Beth and Big Mac brought up the end of the dazzling and sparkling parade. Smirnoff stayed home since she is still all moody and broody. Her loss.

After the Grand March, Flock 2 was put to bed by Charlie Percheron, who had to work the refreshment table and act as chaperone. Flock 2, as I hear it, was up half the night still too excited to sleep and already planning their dresses for next year when they get to go to prom.

Jiblet offered to D.J. and keep the chickies out on the dance floor. Foghorn had requested D.J. Pauly D, but I don't have that kind of $$$$, so Jiblet it was. He told me things went pretty well so long as he kept playing fast songs. It got weird when he tried to play slow songs since there would be fights over who got to dance with either Chaz or Foghorn. Many requests were made such as Cotton-Eyed Joe, Copperhead Road, Boot-Scootin' Boogie, Amish Paradise, Red Solo Cup and Achy Breaky Heart.

Halfway through the evening the prom king and queen were announced....

"Your 2012 prom king and queen are.... CHAZ and PRISSY!!!!!!"

The couple got a slow dance all to themselves while Foghorn demanded a re-count of the votes and said the chads were still attached to the ballots. When his incessant complaining didn't work, he walked over and spiked the punch bowl while a certain Percheron was dozing in the corner and ignoring his chaperoning duties.

About an hour later, while the ladies were all huddled around Prissy and admiring her crown, Chaz and Foghorn got into a fight out in the steer lot. After taking bets and passing around some Benjies, the Beefy Boys finally stepped in and broke it up. No one was hurt, but Foghorn did manage to satisfy his jealousy and smashed Chaz's prom king crown. I promised Chaz I'd get him another one the next time I ate at Burger King.

The rest of prom was pretty uneventful. Everyone got tired and went home to bed early. The only one who had to be escorted off the dance floor was Foghorn who was still gettin' it down amidst the litter of confetti and red Solo cups.

                                                                                       ... cluck... cluck... cluck...

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