Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sad Tidings and Not Much Else to Say


 I am very sad to report that we had yet another fatality on the Shawhan farm. A little cluckie from Flock 2 was found dead on Sunday (or Monday) evening in the pen surrounding The Palace. She was discovered by The Dead Bird Finder himself, Dan. We aren't sure what happened. There were no marks on her and if it had been a cat (the neighbor's Tom HAS been missing...) you'd think it would have been eaten and feathers littered all over the place. She may have broken her scrawny little neck since it was limpy and flopped around. Not sure. It's sad news. So off to Manure Memorial for her....

(Trust me everyone, admitting what feels like is your failure for the world to see is not easy. I don't like reporting this kind of stuff but I feel like I now have an obligation to you all. )

Last week while collecting eggs all the chickies were in the coop...including the Big Mac Daddy himself, Foghorn. (Foghorn is making me nervous. He wobbles his head around and the feathers on his neck puff out...I'm guess he's agitated?) Anyhoo, I went to pick up Smirnoff to see if there were any eggs hiding there (I can't remember if there was...there might be an egg under that broody hen one out of every three or four days) and of course she got all mad at me. Foghorn, hearing this decided that while my back was turned and as I was making my escape out the door, to come charging after me and give a warning tap on the leg. So now I take in my stick with me to give HIM a warning tap if he chooses to come after me again. I am not opposed to having chicken dinner if I get a mean rooster...especially with a possible new leading man to look at one day in the form of R.W.

That's been about it, chicken-wise. I took several videos of the girls today, but of course I had problems uploading them here. Trust me, I would post TONS of videos if this website would actually download them!

                                                                        ...cluck... cluck... cluck...


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