Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cluck Notes

Here's some news for you!
The chickens wanted me to share,
Since you all can't be here.
Some news from the coop,
I promise it's not all about poop!

~Smirnoff~ Smirnoff Shawhan has decided with the early arrival of Spring, and on occasion, the early arrival of Summer, that she will be broody. There is talk around the coop that Smirnoff is heeding what she thinks is a personal warning to her safety and questioning her position on the Shawhan farm as a laying hen. I guess the arrival of "the replacements" has sent a few birds into a tizzy and all are worried if they don't perform at maximum productivity, their days could be numbered. Smirnoff is found every evening nestled in the nest box, sometimes sitting on an egg and other evenings, sitting on nothing. She gets mad when youattempt to move her, but so far no handlers have sustained any injuries.

~Foghorn~ Foghorn Shawhan finds that chasing his ladies around in the hurricane-like winds the past few days is not near as fun as chasing them around in calmer conditions. He says it takes too much effort and he gets winded easily. When told he should work out, Foghorn replies with a long list of expletives and a retort that his "Ladies love me as they see me, know what I'm sayin'?" Though Foghorn and the ladies received a free comedy show the other day as they got to watch The Chicken Lady try to cover her strawberry plants in the hurricane-like winds that were probably 35 degrees.  Nothing like feed sacks whipping around your legs while trying secure them with bricks to save your pathetic strawberry crop from a night of frost. It was here The Chicken Lady herself let lose a few expletives and AGAIN, questioned her sanity.

~Hannah Jo and Blanche~ From Flock 2, Hannah Jo and Blanche are basking in their new big-girl feathers. A true golden hue has emerged from the nuggets, while 5 newbies resemble mini-hawks. There is fear of another rooster (R.W.) and what and where he will end up if he is indeed a male. Only time will tell. Poor Cadburry didn't change too much in the puberty process, still looking like a white peep Easter bird. She made a reputation for herself as being stubborn and willing to runaway if you try and catch her, so she gets put in first at night. Flock 2 is still worried only about their stomachs and has been re-named to "The Freeloaders" until we see some egg production. We did start to incorporate some layer feed into their starter feed just this morning. A big two month birthday bash is planned for the 19th at The palace.

~Both flocks have noticed Charlie Percheron's love affair with The Beefy Boys. Mr. Percheron has been seen with messed up hair on his face, checks and neck. At first I thought it was sweat, but when they were still there in the cooler temps, I thought maybe it was from Jimmy. No..the poor boy has made a definite friendship with the steers. He stands by the fence and they reach over and go to work on his face, neck, checks and even his forelock. They are a very friendly bunch of Beefy Boys, and the horses and steers have been seen standing and looking at each other with only a fence between they are having a conversation. I feel bad for Charlie Percheron, since the Beefy Boys' days really are numbered.

I didn't get a chance to talk to everyone today,
But next time I'll ask a few more what they want to say.
And post it for the world to see,
What a chicken seems to find news worthy.

                                                                                    ...cluck.... cluck... chirp... chirp...

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