Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Squirt


A few weeks ago we introduced to you The Whopper. For this post, I have someone else for you, dear readers, to meet.

Not long ago, Dan come in the house after gathering the days' eggs. He was all excited and wanting to show me something in the carton. I got excited too, thinking we had something even bigger than The Whopper!

My jaw hit the floor when he took out the egg pictured above. (You can't really judge the size of this egg too great from the photo.) I started laughing out loud, thinking a bird flew into the coop and laid an egg in the nest box.

"Are you serious!?" I asked. "Is that from a bird!"

Folks, this egg is smaller than a pullet egg! It's not that much bigger than a robin's egg!

I introduce to you, "The Squirt."

This may show a better compariosn. In this next photo, The Squirt is pictured next to The Whopper (yes, we still have The's good for another 5 months):

Here, The Squirt is pictured in the middle of The Whopper (left) and a regular old joe I pulled from a carton (right):

Several questions are still unanswered about the orgins of The Squirt. For example, who laid this thing? A regular bird? A chicken coming out of time off laying? Was the chicken stressed at this point in her life? Had she already laid a normal sized egg and just hadn't "got it all out"...a remenant of whatever was left in her vent cavity? Is someone playing a joke on us?

Wherever it come from, I'm definately keeping it! Just like I've kept The Whopper. I plan to drain both of the eggs one day, but I want to perserve these shells. They amuse me...just like my birds.

                                                                                         ...cluck... cluck... cluck...

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