Monday, February 11, 2013

The Chickies Have Been Sprung!


We have some VERY happy chickens here on the Shawhan farm! Yes, you read it right, the chickens have been released from their two month confinement. The flock enjoyed more room to run around on Saturday afternoon since Dan was nearby to scout for any danger.The weather has just been too nice some of the past few days to deny them access to the outdoors.

Dan reported that as soon as he opened the door, a flood of feathers rushed into Kennel Bar. (I remember we kept them cooped up some last winter and they acted like they didn't know what to do once we let them back out...obviously that wasn't the case this time!) We hoped to avoid any causalities from Mr. Mink if Dan could be home and keep an eye on things. Plus we hope that with warmer weather, Mr. Mink has gone back to his swampy home hundreds of feet away from the chickens. (That is our thought and theory anyway since we haven't had attacks during warmer months.)

That isn't to say something still couldn't happen. I was a little nervous leaving the chickens out today since none was I have yet to shot the trusty .22 should something happen on my watch. But today, at least, all cluckies were present and accounted for!

Chicken Hawk was still very depressed, singing the coconut song and answering to nothing except "Zazu". The Golden Comets all cornered me the other day and said they had been studying civil rights and were going to go on hunger strikes if they didn't get let out. Prissy informed me she was officially on strike and was carrying a sign trying to get others to join her picket line...I looked on with horror as several other hens joined her. They told me they would kill any scabs that crossed the line. I think the only happy bird in the whole coop was Cad-Buddy since his ladies were easily accessible. He also said his life's aspirations were to become a rapper. (Lil' Buddy is what he wants his name changed to.)

I think we will keep them cooped up (much to their disliking) when the weather gets cold and let them out on nice days. Still have the trap set. Keeping our fingers crossed. Maybe with letting them back out it will draw Mr. Mink back and in our traps!

                                                                                                        ...cluck... cluck... cluck...

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