Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!


Everyone here on the Shawhan farm would like to wish all a Happy Valentines Day!

This post isn't really about chickens, however, I have to say that The Chicken Lady would not exist without her Chicken Man, Dan. This poultry adventure would only be a glimmer in my eye if it weren't for him. I would never say that I could do this alone.

Dan was just as eager for chickens as I was two years ago, when the craziness began. He is the one who sets up all the brooders for the chicks and adjusts the heat lamps to just the right angle for the multi-colored cotton fluffs we bring home. He is the one who sets up any part of the kennel we need; builds the coop; makes any repairs or building adjustments.  He grinds their feed, adding all right measurements of each ingredient, then hulls the heavy bags home and dumps them in the feeder.

For the past few months, he is the on who cleans the coop; collects the eggs (most nights), makes sure the cluckies are closed in safe for the night and let out happily in the morning; lifts the heavy waterer from the spickett and back into the coop.

Most importantly, he shares with me the excitement of the chickens from buying them to ogling over how may eggs we get a day to their unique shapes and sizes. He is also the shoulder I cry on when they die from minks or speeding cars.

I could not do this without him.

Love you Dan!

                                                                                         ...cluck... cluck... cluck...

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