Thursday, February 28, 2013

Preparing For Baby


Life has been busy here on the Shawhan farm...and it's only February! Hopefully with the mink crisis behind us and revenge still sweet in our mouths, we can all relax a little bit and focus on the positive things we've been given, and all the blessings to come. I can't think of a better way than babies!!!

Let's not all jump the gun...there is plenty of excitement for Baby Shawhan, but thankfully I don't have to wait until June to get excited for the pitter patter of little feet running around!

In about a week, Dan and I will be the proud parents, once again, of several baby chicks! I LOVE spring time and "chick days"...absolutely LOVE it! The fluffiness, the chirps, the fact that you can pick them up, that classic yellow little chick that is the face of Easter...

I also love what chicks symbolize. To me they are the face of new beginnings and a resurgence of hope; the reinforcements that will one day fill in the gaps of your battle-weary flock. They mean that winter is on it's way outta here and spring is just around the corner. Today you will bring them home in a box and pretty soon it's tomorrow and you are gathering their eggs.

Like any parent, we have been preparing for their arrival. Last weekend, Dan cleaned out the brooder and made a supply inventory. (All we'll need is some starter feed and a couple of heat lamp bulbs.) I washed all the waterers and chick feeders with hot water and Dawn.

All that's left to do is putting down some newspaper Flock 3! (The fun part!)

This year I feel much more relaxed about our pending babies. After all, we've been through it before. We know the set up and routine. (I just wish I felt this relaxed about Baby Shawhan!) It's a nice feeling to be this year, so far, seems so much easier since we already have everything we need.

Preparations are underway for Baby Shawhan as well! (A look into the work that's been done on the nursery:)

P.S. I will not be posting Sunday or Thursday!

                                                                                                 ...cluck... cluck... cluck...

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  1. That doesn't even look like the same room!! It's nice! Can't wait to see how you decorate it. :)