Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake!


It's hard to believe that it is almost March!!! That can only mean one thing in the chicken world....SPRING CHICKS! That's right, we are getting very, very close to welcoming our future little balls of fluff. Dan has already cleaned out the old watering tub we are going to use and has moved it into the garage.

So I'll have to be careful when the little bundles of joy arrive and not play favorites between Flock 1 and Flock 2. I'm slyly trying to butter them up (HAHAHAHA that sounds bad...buttering chickens...sounds like I'm going to bake them!...Sorry, it's been a long day) so I went to TSC this week and got the chickies a treat. Every time I walk in there I picture myself picking up the bag of meal worms. YES they do actually sell bags of meal worms....I think they are dried.... but I can't ever seem to get myself to do it. Not only because it's kind of gross, but I know the chickens are finding grubs on their own. So if my yard and steer lot provide this for free, why should I buy it?!

I purchased a forage cake. It looked like bird seed formed into a loaf and is supposed to supplement their diet. I meant to provide more nutritional information about the forage cake, but I forgot the wrapper in the barn...and it's late and I'm tired and I don't feel like walking all the way back out to the barn to get it! Besides, I think its all bird seed anyway. I don't really feel like my chickens need supplements for their diet...I just felt bad for all the trauma they've been through and felt like spoiling them a little.

Hopefully they enjoy it. It will be interesting to see how much is gone in the morning as I gave it to them this evening. We have been getting around 5 to 6 eggs a day. That's not bad since we are down to 9 hens. Ah, but how all that will soon change!!!!!

                                                                        ...cluck... cluck... cluck... cluck...

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