Monday, February 13, 2012

For Once, I Don't Want to Post....

Sorry I didn't do my normal Sunday post on here last night. It has been a ruff weekend. Saturday morning I went outside to feed all the animals and let the chickens out, when I discovered the weasel had struck again. This time he took out FIVE of my chickens. Our numbers are very low now and we have only gotten about half a dozen eggs a day. So if anyone asks/needs eggs, there won't be near as many to pass out, if any at all. 

Saturday at noon I was waiting at Urgent Care to take care of this croup or whatever it is that I have and ever since I've been on the couch, in the same clothes for two days straight watching nothing but Lifetime movies. Dan spent all day yesterday and half of today basically putting in a new chicken coop, this one being weasel-proof (HOPEFULLY!!!). I call it Coop 2.0 and it will be unveiled later this week, probably in Thursday's post. I felt AWFUL yesterday. Here was Dan spending his day off from dawn till dusk in the freezing cold, building a chicken coop. I was ordered to stay inside. Thanks go out to Tom and Janet for coming and helping him out when you did. I want the world to know that I have the best husband ever.

It's incredibly depressing losing something you took care of for 11 months. The thought crossed my mind to give up chickens all together. Yes, we've decided to forge on and next month we will welcome more baby chicks, which I plan to post/write about their journey from chicks to chickens. But I won't forget Flock 1 and how they would run up the driveway to greet me as I pulled in or stepped out of an evening to put them back in. Sometimes it's not all fun and games. There is nothing funny or joking about this post. I'm truly upset and depressed about this.

Just a few weeks ago Dan and I bought the couch and the salesman asked if we had kids. At first I said no, then I said yes we do, 18 chickens, 6 steers, 2 horses and 2 cats. Our kids. Our family.

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