Thursday, February 16, 2012

Introducing..... COOP 2.0 aka The Fortress!!!!


I want to begin by expressing so much love and gratitude to everyone! I have been completely blown away by every one's support and concern after last weekend. It really means a lot to us. I never thought so many fluffy feathered fowl could mean so much to so many people, including myself. Last weekend was horrible with my beloved chickens' deaths and being so sick that I couldn't help Dan with the new coop....

It's still depressing and hurtful to walk down to the barn and not have the rest of the flock there. Their presence is greatly missed. Sometimes I can still see their lifeless bodies dead on the floor. BUT, we do as many farmers have done before and will continue to do. We carry on and re-build. IF this had to happen, it did so at no better time. In about a month we will buy 20 more baby chicks and go on bigger and badder than we did before. A new coop is here and a weasel trap is on the way. The Chicken Lady is back. So watch out!

I want to introduce to you, COOP 2.0. Or as I call it, The Fortress!

Coop 2.0 is 8 feet wide, 12 feet long and 7 feet high. It literally sits in the old one. It is framed in by 2 x 4's and the box-like effect is created by particle board (OSB)/plywood.

Windows accent on two sides, and feature Plexiglas in the winter and this cool metal stuff you use for lath and plaster. (For you non-carpenters out there like me, it reminds me of chain mail or the stuff they use on shark suits.) The door to Coop 2.0 has this chain mail as well, along with chicken wire.

Since The Fortress sits in the old coop, the door we close at night that leads to the kennel area needed some slight adjustments. Dan made an enclosed tunnel for the chickies to walk through that is predator-proof and still works for the door he added the weekend before.

Some slight adjustments will have to be made to accommodate the seasons and I think we'll have to add more roosting places once we get more hens. But for now, The Fortress should be a safe place for the cluckies to lay their heads down at night!

                                                                                ... cluck...cluck...cluck...cluck...

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