Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Chicks Have Arrived!!! The Chicks Have Arrived!!!


That's right, you heard it! We are once again the proud parents of 20 baby chicks! There are now 31 chickens living on the Shawhan farm! I thought this happy news needed to be shared in a special Saturday edition of The Chronicles of a Chicken Lady.... and there could MANY extra posts in the weeks to come since chicks are only so cute and fluffy for a short time!

Our new chicks, which I have dubbed Flock 2, are made up of five different breeds than that of Flock 1. Flock 2 consists of 5 Golden Comets, who I call my Golden Nuggets, 5 Araucanas, which we saw last year and didn't get any of. This bred we are very excited about because they lay the "Easter eggs." Their eggs are blue, green and my favorite! We also have 5 Silver Laced Wyandottes, 4 Speckled Sussex and 1 White Plymouth Rock. Why only one of these? It's simple. My precious Cadburry from Flock 1 ran away the morning I discovered the weasel massacre. Dan and I both saw her that morning and we haven't seen her since. My guess is she said "SCREW THIS!" and ran away from home. So I wanted a new Cadburry and got a big yellow chick that I could identify from the rest and this is the New Cadburry, or Cadburry 2.0.

I have a few other names picked out, but sometimes you just have to be around them and see which ones stand out, then you start calling them things, like Prissy and Chatty Cathy....who ARE still with us.

Well, I'll be taking pictures, videos and blogging away! Happy chick days!

"Our chicks lay the best!"

                                                                      ... cluck... cluck... cluck...cluck...

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