Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Chronicle Interview: Foghorn Shawhan Talks About Weasel Attack


It has been a depressing couple of weeks here on the Shawhan farm. For one, we had to acknowledge the fact that M.I.A. was not coming back. She has been presumed dead. Then, the attack in the coop by a weasel, who claimed the life of poor Molt. Molt was a good little chicken, and I know she was a layer since I'd see her sitting in the nest box. We have had chickens for almost a year and have had three deaths. Since the tragedy of Molt, we have made several repairs and fortifications to the coop, and knock on wood, everyone has been safe and sound ever since.

I'm someone who likes to give credit where credit is due, so I thought I'd dedicate this post to Foghorn and Chaz, who were found defending the hens against the intruder. I wanted to conduct a joint interview, but Foghorn swears up and down he did more of the defending and refused any questioning at all unless he was the only rooster interviewed. (He also threatened legal actions, so we compromised and I said if he can keep his language clean, I'd only talk to him.)

Chronicles of a Chicken Lady: How are you, personally, handling the death of Molt?
Foghorn: Yeah, yeah, it's sad you know? The death of one of my ladies is pretty ruff. 'Specially when you see somethin' like that happen, know what I'm sayin'?
Chronicles of a Chicken Lady: Were the two of you close? What were your thoughts on Molt?
Foghorn:  Yeah we was close. Molt was kinda an ugly broad, know what I'm sayin'? But I'm still gonna miss her.
Chronicles of a Chicken Lady: Don't you think that's a harsh statement to say about someone who is deceased?
Foghorn: Baby you wanted the interview.
 Chronicles of a Chicken Lady: Okay. So you were seen defending the hens. Where you scared?
Foghorn: Nah I wasn't scared, know what I'm sayin'? I was pumped up and sayin' things to that weasel that you won't let me say here. That's why he was shaking in that corner. I swear if that weasel comes back I'm gonna kill him. It was kinda a rush, know what I'm sayin'? All my chicks was rootin' me on. Made me feel real good. I can screw up somethin' in a fight, know what I'm sayin'? I might even start some UFC fightin' stuff. I think I'm good enough to do that.
Chronicles of a Chicken Lady: Actually I think that's illegal for you to do.
Foghorn: I can take on anything.
Chronicles of a Chicken Lady: So I hear. You seemed on edge later that day. My husband reported that you tried to attack the power drill he was using to put on the new coop door.
Foghorn: Yeah, yeah I was a little on edge, but in a good way. Not in a scared way, know what I'm sayin'? I've been pumped up for days now. Don't sleep at night no more neither.
Chronicles of a Chicken Lady: Is that because you're scared?
Foghorn: I ain't scared of nuthin'.
Chronicles of a Chicken Lady: Has the weasel tried to come back?
 Foghorn: My attorney don't want me answering questions like that without her here with me.
Chronicles of a Chicken Lady: Ooookaayy... how did the weasel get in the coop?
Foghorn: I dunno. I was dreaming a sweet dream and then I'm woken up by my chicks screaming and wings was flappin' and feathers was flyin' all over the place, know what I'm sayin'? It was kinda crazy for awhile. I didn't see Molt get her head bitten off. I think that happened real quick when all the chaos was happen', know what I'm sayin'. When I realized what had happened, I just got real mad and we had a face off for awhile. Till your hubby came in and I was finally able to relax. Say, Prissy's got it real bad for him now.
Chronicles of a Chicken Lady: She does, does she?
Foghorn: Yeah, yeah. Says he came in to save her life or somethin'. And that got me thinkin'.....
Chronicles of a Chicken Lady: Is that your wing on my leg?
Foghorn: ....maybe you'd like to meet me some day out behind the stuffer....
Chronicles of a Chicken Lady: I'm going to stuff YOU if you don't remove your wing from my leg!!

(This interview could not be concluded due to lack of cooperation by one or more parties.)

(Photo by: Bombird)

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