Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Crossings


On our way home from church this morning, Dan once again had to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting a chicken out in the middle of the road. This occurred by the home where you know to slow down because chickens have been known to get hit and killed here. We had a similar experience a few months back one early morning where I screamed, "Don't hit the chickie!"....I did a post about that too.

Since today is Easter, I joked that this particular chicken's motive was to literally get to the other side of the road since a small country church sits there. All the poor girl wanted to do was get to Easter service! Can you really blame her? Well after her near hit and run, she scrambled back to the side of the road she had originally come from, and I don't know if she ever made her worship service or not. However, I bet that Jesus knew she tried to get there and almost died in her efforts.

I don't mean to give a sermon here, but as I thought about this funny little tale throughout the day, I couldn't help but see a connection. Are we all crossing a road in our lives? Is that road a dangerous one? Or a scary, hard one? What challenges do we face to arrive at our sanctuary?

We all have our problems. What might seem like a big one to me might seem small to you and vice versa. I learned at church today that a 7 year old boy was diagnosed with cancer. Personally, I don't have problems like that. Just think of the obstacles in his road right now.

On a larger note, look at Facebook and the daily disputes people insist on wasting their time getting into about the issues we are facing as a country right now. I guess human beings can't have a face-to-face debate anymore, it all has to be done behind the security of a computer screen or either side won't budge, so why work up your blood pressure? Still, we need to find ways to cross that road in ways that improve our lives for the better, but personally, I feel like it's going to be a hard road to cross with multiple red Escapes zooming along due to un-posted speed limits!

I want to wish the very best of luck to everyone of you birds out there crossing the road to your sanctuary... remember to look both ways and rely on your faith. If you believe, I'm sure He will lead to the safest place there is.

Happy Easter!
The Chicken Lady

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  1. Love your post! Hope you guys has a great Easter!