Thursday, April 4, 2013

I Guess They Weren't Kidding...


It is obvious to me now that our chickens weren't joking about going on strike. The other day I came home to find at least half or more of our birds outside, wondering around like they owned the place...OK well, Flock 1 was strutting around with an attitude...Flock 2 was a bit more timid in their protest.

I have also discovered the Beefy Boys have been throwing the chickens their support on the current issue and were helping them escape. On two different occasions, two separate holes were found in their fencing where the chickens were slipping through.

Members of Flock 1 told me they weren't too concerned about the consequences of their protests since they are so close to retirement anyway. In fact, 3 of them took it upon themselves to begin their vacation to the asparagus patch and take a nice dust bath. Thankfully, no green sprouts have surfaced yet, or else they could have been damaged.

Members of Flock 2, however, had different motives, and they weren't so nice as a day in the dust. They spent their time taunting the chickies of Flock 3 with nasty remarks, threats and even name calling. Several members were spotted on top of the brooder (real fair when the chicks can't go anywhere), but ran once they saw me. I was at least able to snap evidence of them in the vicinity. This report will officially go on their records. Let it also be known that the bullies included none other than Ann Cluckwells, Jennifer Clucknorth and Neely O'Cluck.

The day of protest did not end there. We only got six eggs yesterday...a record low since the initiation of Flock 2. Needless to say, Dan spent his evening chasing chickens and plugging up their escape routes. It must have worked. The discouraged chickens returned to work today and gave us 13 eggs.

With all this protesting going on, it makes these two look like the angles of the barn!

                                                                         ...cluck... cluck... cluck... chirp... chirp... chirp...

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