Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chick Days are Here!!! (and so are the chicks!)


Oh, it's the most wonderful time of the year!!! Chick days have sprung! I am happy to announce the arrival of Flock 3....Flock 3 can you believe it!? Nothing beats baby chicks...well, I guess nothing until Baby Shawhan arrives...but until then, I'll have to settle with being mommy for 20 chicks. And it's a job that I absolutely love doing!

Last Saturday (it's been almost a week already) we made our annual chick trip to Master Feed Mill. (So I'm sure we'll end up with a rooster or two...) We originally wanted more Golden Comets A.K.A. my Golden Nuggets, but Master Feed didn't have in yet and we were too impatient to wait. On the plus side, we have new breeds of birds we haven't had before. I like doing that for variety.

Flock 3 consists of 5 Buff Brahmas. We already have Light Brahmas, which are the big white birds with feathers on their feet. The Buff Brahmas should have that cute feathering too, but instead of being white birds, they should be light brown. I'm excited to see them all grown up.

We got 5 Buff Orpingtons, which according to the picture, are a brown/golden colored bird. They look lighter than the Comets, but still look to be very pretty birds. I believe those are the chicks pictured above.

One more Araucana joined the I guess we didn't get all new breeds after all. Have to keep those blue eggs coming.

Four Bantams round out the mix of Flock 3. Now personally, I've never been a fan of Bantams simply because they look kind of ugly to me since Bantams are very small chickens. (They are only about 1/4 the size of normal chickes.) I never thought I would own any. However, the four we chose were lucky that Dan and I saw the movie "Jack the Giant Slayer" the night before we bought our chicks. Always the name person here and I like to get creative with the names, I picked out 4 Bantams in honor of the 4 giants that were in the movie. So... Fee, Fye, Foe and Fumm are my 4 Bantam chicks. (Fumm is the cute little yellow one:)

The Bantams ARE cute little things now...and I hear they lay really small eggs, so we should enjoy seeing the differences.

We did get 5 Barred Plymouth Rocks (which we got in Flock 1 and in which Prissy is one) for Ray and Nicole (Dan's brother and his wife.) Their chicke brooder is officially out of commission and we have plenty of room on the Shawhan Farm until their chicks are big enough to be incorporated with their existing flock. So for 3 months, I'll also be a surrogate mother!

Things are starting to kick into gear and June will be here before you know it! LOTS to do before then!

                                                                                ...cluck... cluck... cluck... chirp... chirp... chirp...

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