Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dominican Eggs


Well the Chicken Lady and Dan are back in the dry state of Ohio.... we really miss relaxing on the beach, which is the epitome of every Beach Boys song:

Our state of relaxation was enhanced thanks to our wonderful neighbors, Mike, Pam, Kaleb and Kirsten Harps since we knew good people would be taking care of our animals. The egg boom began, as Dan predicted it would, while we were gone, and I'm convinced it was because Kaleb and Kirsten came over several times a day to check on the chickens. Their record day while we were away was 14. I think the chickens exploded in size too while we were gone. Perhaps I need to pay more attention to them since all we've gotten since we've been home is 8 eggs in a day. But you'd think devoting a whole blog to the chickens would be enough?

Even though we were out of the country and miles away, I still thought about chicken stuff. On our flight from Atlanta to Punta Cana, Dan and I pretended we were rich and updated our tickets to first-class. Flying this way not only got us some more leg room, but also a meal. A part of which was a bLoNdiE sQuarE (yes it is spelled this way..I'm not intoxicated or anything...) I never ate mine and I stuck it in my bag thinking I'd eat it later, which I never did because it got all smashed, but I saw on the ingredients that it's made with "cage-free eggs". I could be really sarcastic and ask if the eggs are cage free or is it the chickens that lay them are cage free? But I think we can assume the chickens that lay them are cage free. I'm not sure what the difference is between cage free and free range chickens and eggs, but if you are an animal rights activist, I suggest flying DELTA and sitting in first-class for your bLoNdiE sQuarE. Dan said it was pretty good.

Another chicken related activity was the egg toss we were conned into doing on the beach. I did take a picture of me holding the egg, but I think it's weird to post a picture of yours truly in a bikini on was just a normal white egg. Which made me wonder if the Dominican Republic has big chickens farms like we do, or if they get their eggs, from maybe a chicken farm in the U.S. (I was too lazy to ask.) Dan and I managed a few tosses of our "baby" as Willy the entertainer guy would say, until I caught the egg with my chin and it broke all over me. Amazing how an egg yolk will stain a white a shirt.

We had a great time! I highly recommend the D.R. for anyone looking to take a nice trip. We had a few COLORFUL surprises when we got home! But that is for another post.

I'll be back to posting my normal Sunday and Thursday posts!!!

                                                                                                        ...cluck... cluck... cluck...

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