Thursday, June 21, 2012

Great EGG-pectations


Our motto here on the Shawhan farm is:  "Go BIG or go home."

It seems as if we can't do anything small or small scale. One example is our garden, I mean, field, that takes up half of the yard. (I planted a pound of green beans.) It also includes potatoes, tomatoes, strawberries, sweet corn and gourds. All three of our apple trees are overloaded this in about a month or so, if you want to find the Chicken Lady, I'll be behind the stove watching a canner 24/7.

There is no egg-ception for the chickens, either. In my mind, I egg-pected 30 hens, therefore 30 eggs a day. But you know that old saying, "You makes plans and God laughs..." that is another one of our mottos that must adhere to. I planed on having 30 chickens, but thanks to death, lazy cluckies (freeloaders) and the male chromosome, I won't be seeing 30 eggs a day. Once all of Flock 2 start laying, I will be egg-pecting over a dozen a day. I think that is reasonable, don't you?

I have been happy with what we have been getting; typically 5 to 8 eggs a day. Today, however, we fell short and egg-perienced a low egg-pectation day... in the photo above you can see today's finished product of a whooping 3 eggs. See this kind of work is just unacceptable!! What is so important to these girls that they can't just poop out an egg! I doubt it takes that's not like they have a whole lot to do. Maybe I need to cut down on the salaries, take away bonuses, start laying off workers...maybe that will kick things back into gear.

Oh, and don't think Chicken Hawk is off the hook. I have high egg-pectations for him too. He has big shoes to fill in  following Foghorn. Right now Chicken Hawk's voice is a little weak and wobbly. His crowing is slowly getting better and doesn't so pathethic anymore. HOWEVER... I want him to be big and pretty like Chaz and Foghorn (even though right now if he were to get mean, and I think he will, I wouldn't be scared of him since he's puny...) and I want him to just belt it out when he opens his mouth. I don't want any wussy roosters on my farm.

All this may sound mean, but I just don't egg-pect anything less than greatness from our place. Remember, go big or go home!

                                                                                                ...cluck... cluck... cluck...

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  1. Give it time and you'll have more eggs than you know what to do with!