Thursday, March 15, 2012

Weasel Trappin'


Spring has officially sprung here on the Shawhan farm, but unfortunately, our weasel trap has not. After doing some research and strategically improvements, I think we have improved our chances of catching the guilty-as-charged, Mr. Weasel. Or at least getting sweet revenge.

After our tragic loss, I was floored by every one's sympathy and support in catching the felon. Short of calling America's Most Wanted , I did take someone up on an offer I couldn't refuse. My cousin's fiancĂ©, Jeff Probst, (NOT THE SURVIVOR GUY!!! though that would be cool!) went to Lowe's and made a weasel trap for us, mere HOURS after finding out what had happened. He also did some R&D (research and development) on the process of weasel trapping, saving us even more time.

We acquired our trap one dark and chilly night in an Applebee's parking lot. The mechanisms of the trap were demonstrated to us under the glow of a street lamp. Black coats and gloves were also worn and code words used. The weasel trap is a wooden box with a hole and latching lid. A huge rat trap is placed inside...though the one on YouTube with the miniature bear trap was cool!

One cannot use good old peanut butter to lure in a weasel....nope not that easy. Chicken or turkey liver is supposed to be the vittles of choice. It's fun to shop at Kroger and purchase the plastic tub of liver...reminds me of the days buying night crawlers at the bait shop. OPENING the tub of liver is even more fun.

I thought somewhere down the road I heard it's better to heat up the liver and get a good, delicious aroma going to get Mr. Weasel's tummy growling and licking his chops. Now whenever I microwave any left overs, as a rule of thumb,I always put my food in for 2 minutes. I thought Mr. Weasel would agree.

People, chicken liver doesn't last a minute in the microwave!!! 

 THAT was a fun Sunday night...wiping out my gut-infested microwave at 10 o'clock at night cussing the darn birds and again, not for the first time, questioning my sanity. (I've wiped butts, guts and went shopping for liver... I don't want to know what I've got to do to next!)

After all that work, we didn't catch a weasel. Tried it again night after night, minus the microwaving. Tonight we put the trap in a less open area, since I learned weasels fear owls and exposure. It's now by the log pile under the low mow in the barn. Jimmy and Charlie donated some of their corn that we scattered around the trap to maybe attract some mice or rats which should, in turn, attract Mr. Weasel. We will continue doing this until I break down and buy weasel lure, which they say ups your chances at trapping weasels. In my case, it's executing them.

I'll keep everyone updated on our trapping adventure. Trust me, the world will know when we get him. I say "when" because I'm not stopping until we do.

And Jeff Probst, I'm naming my trap after you. I just need to think of a cool name. You're awesome and have my permission and full hearted blessing to marry my best friend.

                                                                      ...cluck... cluck... chirp... chirp...


  1. I think I really like how you covered the liver with a paper towel. Just like our mothers taught us so we don't get "splatters" everywhere......