Thursday, March 22, 2012

Clucks of Wisdom With Chaz Shawhan


Today was a very pleasant day for The Chicken Lady. I was able to sleep in, yet I felt like I was able to accomplish a lot through the day. I started out reading my Bible reading for the day then a chapter in my book outside in the morning air. I hung out two loads of laundry to dry in the sunshine, got most of the downstairs cleaned, got some pictures developed for the kids' books at school and even managed a mile in the pool. (I rewarded myself with a Hershey bar with almonds...) Oh, and I had a roast made for lunch and homemade pizza for dinner.

I LOVE this weather. So does Chaz. We had a delightful chat this afternoon...he is such good company. One can have an intellectual conversation with him without worrying if he's going to make a move on you.

Me: "Hello Chaz! How are you today!?"

Chaz: "Very well thank you, and how are you, Rebecca?"

Me: "I'm good. I can't complain with all this nice weather we're having."

Chaz: "It IS quite splendid! Everyone is in much better spirits I do say."

Me: "A lot of people are worried it will be a bad summer."

Chaz: "How do you mean?"

Me: "They are worried it will be hot and dry. It's already 80 degrees in March...who knows what July and August will bring."

Chaz: "I can see why they might be concerned, yes. However, a little red bird I was conversing with earlier told me what beautiful sights he saw this morning flying in from Hillsboro. He was describing the trees, just bursting with colors like white, pink and yellow. And look at this green and lush. Why Jimmy and Charlie are in paradise, I do say."

Me: "Yep..they aren't eating much hay right now."

Chaz: "Have you asked these people if they are enjoying the weather?"

Me: "Hmmm...I guess not..."

Chaz: "Perhaps you might tell them it is better than 8 inches of snow and ice with no traces of the sun. I was but a wee chick this time last year but I remember cold and darkness. Perhaps they need to take the road the red bird traveled and see these vibrant trees and fragrant flowers. Which reminds me...could you pick a few Daffodils and give them to me? Why I'd love so much to be able to place those inside our wonderful new coop your gracious husband made for us."

Me: "Yes, Chaz, I will get some Daffodils....but, um, will Fog Horn be OK with that?"

Chaz: "Oh yes, yes...don't worry about him. Oh and I have that book to return to you...Pride and Prejudice was splendid...just splendid!"

Me: "It is a good one..."

After that we talked about Pride and Prejudice. Now he wants to borrow Vanity Fair and start up monthly book club meetings. He also told me to tell everyone to stop worrying about things that haven't happened yet, stop and smell the roses and to stay positive.

"Our Chicks Lay The Best!"

                                                                          ...cluck... cluck... chirp... chirp...

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