Sunday, March 11, 2012

They Aren't Babies Anymore


It feels like Spring here on the Shawhan farm and everyone is enjoying it! So much for the day of rest since Dan and I spent the whole day outside preparing flower beds and yet another brooder...this one I call The Palace. (That will be another post.) So yes, the chicks have been moved from Brooder 2.0 to The Palace since the little guys are getting bigger.

My nephew Rory is almost two years old. (I can't believe how fast time goes by!) Mom seen him not long after he had gotten his hair cut and made the observation that, "He's not a baby anymore, he's a little boy." I feel the same way about my chicks. Sure they are still "chicks" but they aren't "babies" by any means either. They aren't little fluff balls...instead they look like someone took a chick and stuck some feathers in it.

Flock 2 is growing up faster than what it seemed like Flock 1 did. Yesterday marked two weeks that we brought them home and they are already getting their adult chickie feathers. You can really notice it on the Golden Comets A.K.A. my Golden Nuggets.

I guess even chickens go through rites of passage growing up like we do. They get their feathers like we get adult teeth. I hope, for their sake, it isn't as uncomfortable as losing a tooth, or having that tooth hang on by a thread in your mouth for a few days. Personally, I hated that! Maybe the chicks hate looking like ugly ducklings and not being old enough to do all the fun stuff the big girls get to do! (Like dates with Foghorn and laying eggs!)

"Our Chicks Lay the Best!"

                                                                      ...cluck... cluck... chirp... chirp...

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