Thursday, November 24, 2011

What a Chicken is Thankful For


HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!! The chickens are about to enjoy a fest in stale bread of their favorites! I asked them last night what they were thankful for. Can you guess what it is????

Chickens are thankful for not being turkeys!!!

They do not feel sorry for their poultry cousins.... in fact, their attitudes are more of, better them than us. I did remind them that not everyone likes turkey. There is a good chance that many a family today and over the weekend will be celebrating their Thanksgiving dinners with a golden chicken instead of a butterball turkey. I also told them that Chick-fil-A opens at 4:00 A.M. tomorrow morning and that my one Black Friday request is that I get a chicken biscuit for breakfast. That shut them up pretty fast.

However, the general consensus is that we are all thankful for living in such a great country and for our freedom. We are thankful for those who have served, past, present and future. We are also thankful for all the crops and hardworking farmers who feed us. And we pray that the harvest continues to go safely. This being said, we are thankful for our way of life. To be able to have the opportunities to farm and have the chickens, horses and even those poor steers. (For what little time they spend with us, they are still part of the family.) To be able to garden and enjoy its bounty all winter long. Not everyone is blessed with this way of life. (They might be thankful for that!) But that's OK.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

                                                                         ...cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck.......

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