Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cluck Notes

Here's some news for you!
The chickies wanted me to share,
Since you all can't be here.
Some news from the coop...
I promise it's not about poop!

~ Rooster Chaz~ Is very excited that no hens escaped from the steer lot today...everyone stayed in! Even Sam and Kailyn. He swears it was from all the hard work Dan and I put in last week re-fortifying the fence...and not from all the rain we received today. After talking to Chaz about this, I asked Foghorn why HE thought all the hens stayed in today...his response was, "Well, it ain't about no fence, I can tell you that right now! It's all because my sexy bad self, that's why. No chick of mine would want to go too far away from these sexy tail feathers..." He kept talking but there were too many expletives and descriptive words to post.... but you get the idea.

~Prissy~ Loves the new stalls all ready for the arrival of Jimmy and Charlie. She can't wait to welcome her new neighbors. She was out in the lot today in between breaks of the rain making mud pies that she plans to bake out in the sun later in the week. Also, she told Dan how she "admires his craftsmanship with wood and enjoyed watching him with power tools....." (This comment somewhat bothers me. I told Dan maybe he shouldn't talk to Prissy alone anymore....)

~Cadberry~ Not only is Cadberry (like the cream eggs at Easter...) excited about this, but all of us are! The scary dude next door is moving!!!! Last night and all day today a U-Haul truck was spotted in the driveway. Personally for me I was always worried that the boys were getting on his nerves, at you know, four in the morning, with their unnecessary wake-up calls. All summer I expected to come home with a note on my door saying "Shut your chickens up!" Thankfully it never happened. I did hear him make a comment once when he was out floating in his inflatable pool about the "bulls and chickens". I didn't correct him that they were steers and not bulls...a big difference buddy. (If I did, he'd probably run me over on his motorcycle.) Anyhow, Cadberry says,"Well maybe now that they are gone, you won't freak out anymore when you see us in their yard. They have the BEST grubs under those leaves. And we love to poo (oops) over there too. HAHAHAHA no one will ever guess how we get over there either!" I told Cadberry she and the others better keep those chicken feet of theirs crossed we don't get some really freaky people next. Oh well, only time will tell.

I didn't get a chance to talk to everyone today,
But next time I'll ask a few more what they want to say.
And post it for the world to see,
What a chicken seems to find news worthy.

                                                                                           ...cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck......

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  1. I just snorted. Wow. I wouldn't let prissy around Dan anymore if I were you! :)