Friday, November 4, 2011



Welcome November and good-bye October! Though none of us can complain here on the Shawhan farm, we had a great month and for the most part, the weather was perfect.

It has been a little over a month now since the "accident" when we lost one of our girls from an insane and highly inconsiderate driver. After "that day" the chickies had to be confined to the roost and kennel area in the barn. They were mad for a while, but they got over it....except Sam and Kailyn.

Last Saturday the steer lot was finally fully chicken-proofed so the gang could go outside and enjoy the bugs, dirt and sunshine but still be safe from the road...and my flower beds wouldn't be destroyed either. HAHA that's what I thought. You know for having such small heads, chickens are smart little boogers and also determined. The other day about half the group was outside wondering around the yard uncovering my strawberry patch which I had just spent most of Tuesday covering. I've walked around trying to find holes in the fence but I can't see much to where they might be escaping. Unless they just fly over, which I wouldn't put past them.

Here's a little back story to getting the steer lot ready: Someone wanted to move the stuffer bin out farther in the lot. For those who don't know, the stuffer is what the steers eat to get fat and tasty...(yeah out here we raise our meat, deal with it). The rats also love this stuffer bin and reside underneath it. So my husband and his band of merry men friends thought it would be fun to wait for all the rats to scurry from under the bin when it was moved and end many a rodent's life. Somehow these rat carcasses ended up in the yard I got to mow the other day and lets just say Becca fought to keep lunch down when she accidentally ran over some. But for the free cluckies, it was a rare delicacy.

Hopefully PETA doesn't read this....

                                                                                                      cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck.....

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