Monday, September 24, 2012

Crutchy the Comet


If I've said it once, twice, three times...I'll say again, and again, and again...once you solve one chicken problem, another will definitely arise. The same holds true that chickens are very dramatic animals. Every day is drama, drama, drama.

It's a good thing our one cluckie is over her bout of coccidiosis and Brooder Greys (my new hospital name for the old chick brooder where we can confine problems chickies) has a vacancy. One morning last week Dan and I let the chickens out for the day, and we noticed a Golden Comet limping around Kennel Bar. It was obvious something was wrong with one of her pencil-like legs. As the rest of the flock headed outside, she just sort of slumped down in the dirt. We picked her up and examined her...we didn't see any cuts or anything. Later that day I went out to see if she had at least moved, and to my relief, she had. That evening though, I saw her slumped out in the steer lot. I cringed as I watched an approaching Beefy Boy and hoped she felt OK enough to get up and get out of the way of sharp cloven hooves. I decided to admit her to Brooder Greys when I watched her painfully limp out of the way.

Brooder Greys offers an all you can eat buffet in your room 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It also supplies vital calcium supplementation. Crutchy has access to her own personal watering device, where she does not have to share. Her room is large enough she can get up and walk around if she so chooses to do so. It has a very low roost, unlike the higher one she would have to jump down from every morning if she was still in Cooptown. She can either roost or sleep in a straw bed. The best things about Brooder Greys is that roosters are not allowed to visit and she will never have to get up and scurry away from Beefy Boys. We are hoping with limited interruptions she can heal in a safe, quiet environment.

I have yet to research chicken splints. I'm not sure if splinting the leg would help at all, or if I could even do that. Crutchy must be relaxed enough at Greys since she's been laying eggs there. (Must not be in too much pain.) Cad-Buddy and Chicken Hawk have been asking about her, wondering when she's coming back. Cad-Buddy gave me a bouquet of worms he found in the steer lot to give to her.

Crutchy seems to be getting along OK. She is moving around, though she still limps. She is eating and laying eggs, so that is good. She told me if I can arrange it, she wants a splint/cast, and that she wants a purple one since that is her favorite color and looks best with her golden hue. Plus she wants to return to the flock so she can see her friends and they can sign her cast.

You  (or at least I do) get really attached to these chickens. I think more so when somethng is wrong with them. Crutchy was looking up at me this evening and making a noise, I can olny describe as singing, very low in her throat. I feel bad for her because she can't tell me where it hurts and I can't tell her why it hurts and why she has to be alone right now. Sheesh, how will I ever deal with a human baby? Maybe God is preparing me... anyhoo, with all these chicken medical problems, I'm bonding more and more with my girls!

                                                                                                   ...cluck... cluck... cluck...

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