Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Super Easy (and Good!) Sweet and Sour Chicken

  I have a confession to make...or at least I have to state this confession again...I'm a terrible chicken owner! I say this because I love chicken! As much I love my birds; their beauty, humor, creative juices they spark within me, their gossipy chatter, erratic behaviors, the way they drive me insane sometimes and of course, their eggs, I just can't deny how much I love to eat chicken. (Not my own! The already dead ones found frozen solid or pre-packaged in the grocery store.) If someone told me I could only eat either chicken or beef for the rest of my life and I had to choose, I would definitely pick the chicken.
  During my last grocery trip, I stumbled along this package among the Kroger shelves:

They say never to grocery shop hungry, but yours truly didn't heed that advice. The thought of sweet and sour chicken over a bed of rice made my mouth water. Plus the fact this was going to make a super fast and super easy dinner had me sold on the product. I tossed the package in my cart and made a mental note to pick up an extra box of rice.
  There are multiple reasons why I'm posting and bragging on this sauce. One of them is because the only other ingredients you need are the chicken and vegetable oil. (Plus maybe some rice, mushrooms, or any other additions that sound yummy to you.) Personally, I love a meal that doesn't require 100 different ingredients, or that calls for that rare component I'll use only a little bit of and never use again. (I'll let you in on a little secret...we here at Shawhan farm are not adventurous foodies by a long shot! Meat and potatoes please!)
  Anyhoo, if anyone needs a quick and easy meal idea, this is a good one to try! Another reason I really liked this was because the list of ingredients wasn't that long and I could actually pronounce all of them! Because of this, I was going to let Carl try some of it too, though I didn't have high hopes on that front...I was right too. He tried some of it but didn't eat much.
  All you do is heat the oil in the skillet, add the chicken (which, ok, I cheated and bought already cut up chicken breasts!) and cook until the chicken is done.

  While that got going, I put in two bags of Boil-N-A Bag white rice (I'm so healthy, I know) and let those cook for the directed 10 minutes.
  Once the chicken is cooked through, you simply add the package of sauce and let that cook for an additional 5 minutes.

  And Ta-Da! A simple, warm meal for a snowy night!
  I sorta stopped taking pictures at this point...Dan came home, Carl was underfoot and needing things (you can see his half eaten banana above hahaha!) Ahhh dinner at our house is usually a goat rodeo.
 It made enough so we are able to have the leftovers tonight and I saved Carl's bowl hoping me might be more adventurous today than he was yesterday, though I'm not holding my breath.
  At any rate, I'll definably be buying this Campbell's skillet sauce again. It was Chicken Lady approved!

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