Friday, February 13, 2015

Farm Show!!!

  Yesterday Dan I got home from our annual visit to Louisville, Kentucky and the National Farm Machinery Show. It was also my very first time away from Carl all night, in like, ever! As we left the little guy in good hands (grandma's and pappy's to be exact) I was able to enjoy myself, snag a lot of freebies and people watch until my hearts content! But that still didn't mean that I didn't miss my little boy like crazy!
  As this was a kids-free trip, Dan and I caught up on our Rodney Carrington listening as soon as we got into our suddenly quiet car. A few exits from Louisville, we ate a quick lunch before reaching the show. I tell you this because within the first half hour of being at the show I had stuffed my purse full of candy that every single booth offers, tried a shot of this flax seed magic potion that cures women's health issues from cancer to hot flashes and donated $1 to the Kentucky FFA so that I could get a bag of freshly popped popcorn which had been provided by - GASP! - Monsanto!

 GMO or no, those peeps make some darn good popcorn!
 As I sat in the booth with other ladies whose husbands where talking like Dan, who was in deep discussion with a sales rep about the new grain dryer and where/how they were going to fit it within their existing grain bins, scarfing this amazing popcorn, watching the amazing people walking by in their various fashion statements, it dawned on me that I was eating my emotions! The Taco Bell, candy and popcorn helped to numb my emotions of being away from my child... After this realization, I tried to focus on getting as many free reusable bags as possible and this year I believe I succeeded in bringing home more than any other year!
 Other farm show highlights included in sitting in a BLUE tractor...

 Getting my picture taken with this hottie at the GEA booth (it's a dairy thing):

And watching the talking stalk of  ragweed at the Syngenta Seeds booth. This guy creped me out a little. He reminded me of the wicked witch of the west in The Wizard of Oz. I think he could have auditioned for a role in Wicked.

This show is geared more towards farm machinery and equipment than it is about livestock, so I can't report a lot of the chicken front in this post. I searched high and low, but I really didn't see anything that had to do with chickens except for these publications that I picked up. 

 The livestock convention (I believe) is held in November and I really want to try and make it this year.
  Carl did great on his night away and thanks to all the amazing food and our dinner at Tumbleweed, I was able to keep down my anxieties of the first night away from my baby!
 Of course when we got back into the car with Carl he decided to remind us how loud he can be in small confined spaces...

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  1. I'm glad you had a great time. I don't know what I would feel like if I left Rhonda for a night, but it sounds like you did great though. I'm glad ya'll are home safe & sound. See ya soon! <3 Vanessa