Monday, March 24, 2014

Get Out of Jail Free Card

Yesterday morning, Dan wasn't feeling well (he's better now) and forgot a somewhat critical step in the morning feeding routine here on the Shawhan farm. After opening up the coop door that leads into the kennel area, and thus "letting the chickens out for the day", he forgot to shut the people door on the kennel.

When Carl and I were leaving for church I noticed several chickens already out enjoying their freedom. I thought it was odd since Dan was out there not that long ago. (Dan usually takes the morning shift in the barn, while I go out in the afternoons, either while Carl is napping or if it's nice, he goes out with me.) Normally if we have an escapee, it's later in the afternoon. I decided to walk down to the barn and sure enough the door was wide open, screaming "RUN CHICKENS RUN!!" I then noticed the whole flock down by the horse gate.

"It's not worth shutting it now," I thought, going back to the car. "In fact, I better leave it open so they can get back inside once it starts to get dark!"

As the day progressed, I have to admit I enjoyed seeing fluffy booties out in the yard and I was flooded with memories of Flock 1.

I was also haunted with visions of mulch spraying violently into the yard and strategically placed flowers being decapitated and tossed around like a rag doll. My back hurt thinking about it.

LUCKILY everything around is still barren and no harm was done. Same with the fact that none of the chickens tried to cross the road...

Everyone was still back inside the coop at nightfall and even managed to sneak inside at some point and lay eggs! Guess I can't be too mad at them!

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  1. Too funny. Maybe they should have field trips like this every once in awhile...for good behavior!