Sunday, January 27, 2013

There Really Isn't Anything to Say...


Sorry I didn't post Thursday...but there really hasn't been much going on, which is a good thing. No bad news anyway. But that only means that it's the calm before the storm....

We are still getting between 10 to 18 eggs a day, so way to go girls!

I sold 9 dozen eggs yesterday and am considering charging everyone from now on. I can't believe the gull of some people who have received A LOT of free eggs and expect free eggs for nothing. All I did was call in a favor/payment of yellow cake and chocolate frosting and people EXPECT free eggs before they will make  me a cake. Guess what, that is not happening. I have never asked anyone for egg payment, so really the baked goods should have come a long time ago. more freebies people.

Hopefully I'll be more creative on Thursday!

                                                                                                           ...cluck... cluck... cluck....

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