Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rotten Eggs Part Deux


I got some great feedback from my recent post, "Are You a Good Egg or a Bad Egg?", that I decided to share what I got.

First, back on the 4th of July, I gave my cousin Emily a dozen eggs. At the time I posted the info about how to determine if an egg is good or not, she STILL had at least one left from that dozen! Being the good friend that she is, she tested that 5 to 6 month old egg and sent me a photo (which for some reason, I can't share on here???? Maybe gonna switch blogging sites if this continues....) Anyway, in the photo, the egg was floating to the top of a container filled with water! Remember, bad eggs float!

Now, if you get a rotten egg from me, it's probably your own fault. I advise you eat them before 5 to 6 months :)

Next, here's a story my Grandma Shaw e-mailed me. (I hope it was OK to share it!)

"Hey Becca,
After reading your last chicken story, I was reminded of an incident that happened when I was a little girl-----I was probably 6-8 years old.
I would spend several days visiting with my cousins who lived on farm. At that time, farmers would harvest their wheat by using a threshing machine rather than the combines we have today
That was always a big occasion. All the neighbor women would cook these large meals for the men who were working My cousins and I went to another farm where other children lived also We found some chicken eggs in the barn that had been there for quite awhile. We had lots of fun throwing then on the back of the barn. Yes, they had a distinctive sulfur smell
Needless to say', their parents were furious and made the other children scrub the eggs off the barn. My cousins and I were lucky. We were already home when the deed was discovered and we didn't have to help.
I hope your little one doesn't decide to throw rotten eggs at something
It has turned cooler here .. The sun is nice and warm, but we have a north wind blowing. It is only 60 today.
Love, Grandma"
Now, IF you find a rotten egg anywhere, don't throw them at people's barns!
At least I was right about the sulfur smell!
                                                                                                     ...cluck... cluck... cluck...

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