Monday, December 24, 2012

A Chronicle Carol

A Chronicle Carol
Written By: Rebecca Shawhan
"Mary, Did You Know,
This Christmas has been different for me?
I am pregnant too,
And have been identifying more with you.
O Little Town of Bethlehem,
Was where you traveled to.
Uncomfortable on the back of a burrow,
While I'll ride in a cozy seat -not very far at all -just into Hillsboro.
Away in a Manger,
Was where you had to stay.
Laying down in some discarded straw,
While the animals looked on from their stalls.
Silent Night, Holy Night,
I think about delivering my child in a barn.
The fright growing more and more as each contraction comes and fades,
Laying down on the hay in a nest that the chickens have made.
Mary, Did You Know,
I've thought about this all December?
What it would be like to bring forth a child,
In the eyes of my animals, so tender and mild.
Mary, Did You Know,
How different it will be for me?
In a hospital bright and sterile,
To announce our baby, Facebook will herald.
Ding Dong Merrily on High!
Thank goodness for what you did!
Giving everyone everywhere,
Someone who will always care.
Go Tell it on the Mountain,
Over the hills and everywhere!
Have no doubt in your mind Mary, that my child, I will tell,
Of the grace of your son and that wondrous night, of The First Noel."
Merry Christmas!
The Chicken Lady


  1. Beautiful! Once you hold that little baby the wonder that God gave us his Son will also hold an even greater meaning. I cry all the time now at church--and let's not even try to sing Jesus Loves Me!

    I can't wait to meet your new little baby!

  2. Okay, I seriously started crying. Becca that's beautiful. You should make a print and frame it and hang it in the nursery. Can't wait to meet my newest cousin!

  3. THANK YOU! Means a lot to me. Emily, I love the idea of printing it out and hanging it in the nursery!

    Thanks so much for reading!