Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cherry, Cherry Coop


'The wildest short around is my cherry, cherry coop,
It's the sharpest thing in town and the envy of my group.
It's one of it's kind and it really looks good,
Red walls in front, and white trimmed wood.'
- The Beach Boys Cherry, Cherry Coupe
 An announcement I've been waiting to share, is that I have given The Fortress a make-over! Though I still want to add a few details, I'm "stoked" so far with the turn out and excited to show it off. The red paint was left over from my upstairs bathroom and looks great next to the white trim boards. It defiantly looks like it belongs on a farm since the combined colors look like a barn. Though I think anything looks better than how it looked before. Check out the finished product!
The sign that adorns the coop door identifies the coop as "Cooptown". It was made by Grandpa Smith and the chickens love their gift.
 Another homemade sign he made them is hung above the gates of Kennel Bar:
The red lettering couldn't go any better with the red walls of the coop. Now everyone can see what I'm talking about when I refer to these places. I also wanted things to look better when people come to visit, especially those who have never met the chickens before but know all about them thanks to this blog.
Like I said, I'm not totally finished with all the details yet, but so far it's a huge improvement. I know some may think I need a life, but if you look in ANY chicken magazine there are tons of photos of dressed up coops. Its the "in" thing to do! We must keep up with the Chicken Jones'. Plus I honestly think the chickens know when you do something nice for them, and I get the 'good vibrations' that they like it too.
                                                                                                       ...cluck... cluck... cluck...

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