Sunday, May 20, 2012

Two Birds in a Bag in a Bucket


I am happy to report that Chaz and Foghorn Stutzman are officially settled into their new home. Though I think it is funny that they were too scared to go outside the coop the first day... but I guess Eli and his family were blessed with the voice of Foggy on Saturday morning, signaling their acceptance of the new digs.... and the new ladies. Last Thursday we left the fellas chilling in the cat carriers and getting a good look at their new home. Even though there is a language barrier, male tendencies translate through all languages.

So in case you don't remember, the deal we struck with our Plain neighbors was that they would take Chaz and Foghorn and keep them since the boys were only over a year old. Eli already had two  roosters but they weren't spring chickens anymore so he said he would kill and process his old roosters and keep our younger ones. We are also giving him an old fuel tank and he his giving us meat.

Thursday he asked when I would be home on Friday to return the pet carriers and drop off the chicken. (Amish don't have freezers.) I said after 6:00 P.M. I figured they would show up at either 6 or 7. Well 8:00 P.M. rolls around and Friday was our date night night out means Becca doesn't have to cook...I usually demand at least one weekend evening off from my pots and pans... and still no buggy. (My stomach wins every war, so we ended up leaving before they showed.) I had debated on saving them the trouble and driving on down to their place to see if I could just pick the stuff up, but then I thought maybe they didn't get around to whacking off heads that day. Low and behold when Dan and I returned home the cat carriers where by the door..OOPS. (Guess I should have left a note!)

Saturday morning I drove on down, like I should have done the previous evening, and picked up my two whole processed chickens. I was handed a bucket with two birds in a plastic bag and freezer ice packs on a few stray hairs. I was told to let the bigger one cook longer since he was older and is going to be more tuff. Once I got home I spent at least 10 minutes wrapping the birds in wax paper and aluminium foil.  I was wondering if they were even safe to eat given the amount of time they weren't in a freezer.

I really don't know what I was expecting....I knew I wasn't going to be handed a Tyson fryer wrapped in plastic with an ingredients label on it. Admittedly, I wasn't expecting two birds in a bag in a bucket either.

Now my mission is to find a good chicken stew recipe and eat these things...since this is the thing to do with old birds, so says The Old Fart. Part of me wants to invite people over and join me in this experience, however, I don't want to be at fault for others possibly getting sick.

Anyone know any good chicken stew recipes???

Oh, but I did get to see either Chaz or Foghorn in the chicken lot that morning!

                                                                        ...cluck... cluck... cluck...

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