Thursday, May 17, 2012

Foghorn and Chaz Leave the Nest..Literally!


"As we go on,
We remember,
All the times we've
Had together...."
-Vitamin C

It's a little bittersweet and very quiet tonight here on the Shawhan farm. This evening Chaz and Foghorn departed their childhood home for a new lifestyle and a new last name...oh and 200 new ladies!

Dan bravely seized hold of the two roosters wearing only a sweatshirt and gloves. (I would have worn a full suit of armor, but then again Foghorn never intimidated Dan like he did me.) As per his nature, Foghorn made it difficult to catch him by running hysterically around the steer lot, and then making the mistake of going inside the coop where he always felt safe.

(Chaz, being the gentleman he always was, went willingly and without a fight.)

A cool evening ride and a mile later, the fellas disembarked at their new digs, and their new mistresses clucked excitedly in Dutch about the new arrivals. Chaz and Foghorn looked a little nervous, a little confused and a lot of excited as they saw the little ladies for the first time. I think I saw a silent conversation going on between them as they asked each other if they had died and gone to cluckie heaven. "No." Said Chaz, "If we were in heaven, then Ms. Fluffy Feathers would be here. And Molt and Cadburry (the original Cadburry) and all our other friends who departed before us." Foghorn was too busy licking his chops to hear and respond to Chaz.

I said my goodbyes and sent my first-borns out into the big scary world. I hope I did a good job and was a good mom. They needed to go but it still hurts a little. They were my babies at some point after all. I am very glad we could work it out to where they will still be alive and well, running around chasing the girls and crowing like crazy. After today, I'm not sure I could eat my own chickens....I know that if I needed to I could, but it was sad to see them go. And I can say with great pride, what beautiful birds Chaz and Foghorn are.

So the thorn in my side was that Foghorn could get to me and plant that seed of fear...then he gets the reward of 200 new ladies. Well Karma is a you-know-what! and the thorn in Foghorn's side, is that he has to sit in his cage all night and LOOK at those 200 new ladies without being able to do anything about it!

                                                                                    ...cluck... cluck... cluck...

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  1. Sorry to see them go, but glad they found a new home.