Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Foghorn's Post

YO, YO, YO! This is Foghorn (Sexy) Leghorn comin' at ya! I have taken over this here blog thang, and let me tell ya, it's a good thing I'm doing it too since that redhead who thinks she owns us has like, no time anymore. Not that I have tons of time either, I mean I gots like 17 chicks I gotta keep in line and please, know what I'm sayin? But, yeah, I guess I am kinda like a hero or somethin' making this post for Red cause she thinks shes gotta post a couple of times a week, ya know? Like, keep the readers happy or somethin. She asked me to do this and me being a nice guy and all, I see a lady who's in need of help, I help her, know what I'm sayin?

So like, Red wanted me to say somethin about those new cows we have to share our crib with. Yeah, the other day these two bums shows up and drop off even more beefy boys. Personally, I think they're a bit scrawny. Two gots really cool names though, Chum and Jiblet. Then theres the two puny ones, Bert and Ernie. They kinda brag a lot about this place they lived at before where like, people paid attention to them or something. I dunno, I try to pay more attention to my ladies, cause like, I gotta keep them happy, know what I'm sayin? Now that Chaz, he hangs out with 'em. But I ain't like that.

Oh yeah, and Jimbo, he's doin' lots better. Yeah we was a little worried about Jimbo there for awhile. Jimbo and Charles are pretty cool. Them's Red's horses, I guess. But Jimbo, he got sick and infected or somethin'. Yeah, I was a hero that day too when I was fannin' Jimbo's head with my wing when he had a fever. He's real glad I was around and now feels kinda indebted to me. I said, "No worries brother. Just let me know if my ladies escape, and we'll be real cool with each other, know what I'm sayin?"

So, like, I ain't no writer or nothin' and it's dark out, so all that's out with my ladies keepin watch is Chaz, and since I ain't like him, well, I don't think that wuss could fight off an intruder or nothin'. So I gots to go, know what I'm sayin? But hey, it's been real cool writing to you all. Remember, I'm your favorite rooster, since that Chaz guy, he don't really count. Maybe someday I can do this again. I guess I didn't really mind it much, but hey, I'm a good guy and a hero right?

Keep it real and peace out! 

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