Wednesday, April 8, 2015



  The chicks have been very busy growing here on the Shawhan farm. It was only 4 short weeks ago that we brought them home (but anyone who has ever had a newborn in the house can tell you how fast time flies!) We are currently feeding them out of the second 50 pound bag of chick starter feed. Our system, be it right or wrong, is to go through 2 bags of chick starter before we began to integrate in our layer ration before putting the newbies on that feed permanently.

 This week we flung open the brooder door and set up the ramps, so now our youngins can begin to spread their wings a bit.

I think this is our bravest flock yet.  Usually it takes a couple of days before the bravest one dares to put her long toe out of the familiar confines of the brooder. This year, however Dan reported several chicks out and scratching about the evening of their first afternoon of partial freedom.

  (You can't give a chicken an inch or they take advantage of your mulch and freshly planted flowers.)

  I am also happy to report that I have yet to hear any rumors circulating the farm of any laying  strikes. Quite the contrary! Our lovely ladies have been very busy, producing an upwards of 18 eggs almost daily! We tied the record of 21 eggs one day. Dan says they are working hard for their job security and know that the replacements are waiting back in the wings. I personally think its the welcome arrival of spring ( and maybe a few bribes on my part from old, unused bread).

 It doesn't help when your sidekick eats it instead of the chickens...

 I don't think that piece had any mold on it. If so, I now know my son has no pencillion allergies. And...

 you never know who is going to stop by and say "Hello!"

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