Saturday, January 10, 2015

Frozen Eggs

  Yup, that's right folks. One evening this past week we discovered a frozen egg! (Poultry eggs...NOT MY very own personal eggs. I'm not some over the hill celebrity who needs to preserve her reserves for the day her career will be over, though sometimes that lifestyle looks appealing!)
  Anyhoo, one evening Dan brought in the day's worth of eggs. I decided to make scrambled eggs for Carl's dinner that night and just reached for some of the fresh ones straight from the coop. We hadn't even put them in the refrigerator yet. The first one I broke open was just fine. The second was frozen! Or at least in the process of freezing. The 'white' was a slushy consistency and ice crystals were there. Needless to say I scooped this mess out and got another. (It even sang to me, "Let it go! Let it go!")
  Even in the bitter throes of last winter's polar vortex, I don't remember getting frozen eggs. Of course, that's not to say we didn't have a few. I suppose it's possible to have several frozen eggs when they sit out in the coop all day, especially if they were one of the very first eggs to be laid that morning (some of the biddies are 'early birds'...the pun was intended there). I guess there's no reason if they come in frozen they couldn't 'thaw out' in the refrigerator since it's not zero degrees in there. 
  Hmm, a mystery of life, we may never know the true answer...
  On the topic of this freezing weather- we have been keeping the chickens penned in the coop lately. This kills several birds with one stone in that:
1.)  We magically get more eggs! No one can escape the kennel area and go play Easter Bunny and hide their day's work;
2.) The chickens would just stand around the kennel all day huddled together. It's not like they go anywhere when it's this cold; and
3.) I have peace of mind that probably nothing is going to come in and attack them. You never know when a predator is looking for food in these conditions.
  Despite maybe being a bit testy they are penned in a lot, everyone seems to be handling the cold just fine!

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