Thursday, June 13, 2013

HELLO! It's Nice to Meet You!


WOW! It seems forever since I posted last! I also can't believe that the last time I did this I still had not met a certain little someone :)

Well, Sunday, June 2nd was a day filled with meeting new acquaintances. Dan had to fed in the morning and decided to move Flock 3 in with the rest of the cluckies. I kinda wanted to help him and figured we would do it after church. He beat me to it and had the big move done with before breakfast and church. When I asked if anyone was immediately attacked he said no, but some of the older broads were already putting some of the newbies in their place. It seems like every animal species has a pecking order.

I was especially nervous about the new little roosters and the puny size of all the bantams. So far though, so good. Knock on wood, no one has been killed yet. You hear over and over again that when you combine roosters (who haven't grown up together) they will fight and one will end up 6 feet under. (OK...not quite 6 feet when burying a chicken...maybe a trip to Manure Memorial Gardens...). I hope that if we combine YOUNG roosters, there won't be a need to fight to the death. Fumm and Orp. are young enough boys that hopefully Cad-Buddy and Chicken Hawk won't find them a threat and can whip them once and say, "HEY! I'm the big dog and am in charge." and that can be that. Well it's been almost 2 weeks and no fatalities, so hopefully all is good with the boys.

I can see issues bringing in an already mature rooster, like Fog Horn...then I could understand a fight club scene.

After church, Krogers and Taco Bell, we got home and checked on everybody. After seeing that all was well, I convinced Dan to get the car seat base installed in my know, just in case. After the one in my car was put in, Dan decided to put in the car seat for his truck. I was sitting in the backseat, overseeing the operation, when I noticed something different...I got out and went in the house and sure water had broken. This was at 1:30 P.M.

All that stuff they told us in child birth class about when to go to the hospital flew out the window! I stood in the house stunned and frozen. I called the hospital (AFTER I called my mom) and they told me I had to come in.

Of all the times to get behind a camper and trailer on the way into Hillsboro, going full speed ahead and topping out at 40 mph.  So anyway, to make a long story short, once I got there and got admitted, we found out the baby was in a breech position, his butt was down and head was up, so I had to have a C-Section.

At 4:04 P.M. Carl Daniel came into our lives at 7 pounds, 14 ounces and with a head of red hair!

I kinda knew in my gut he was going to be a boy so I wasn't that surprised when they told us. More days than not I envisioned a boy...maybe next time I'll envision a girl! The name "Carl" was special to both Dan and I. For him, a man named Carl owned the farm his family has now in Hillsboro. Dan says that without that Carl they wouldn't have what they have today. It was special to me since you all know my Beach boy obsession and Carl Wilson was a part of that. Everyone says Carl was who held the group together and no one has a bad word to say about him. Plus he had the most beautiful voice. "Carl" is simple and American and a name no one can screw up.

We like it :) Just like we LOVE our little Carl Daniel and think we'll keep him around the Shawhan farm!!

We are all settling in just fine and everyone and every chicken, seem to be doing well...except for these hot flashes...if this is what menopause is like, then I am NOT looking forward to that!  I'm just glad he's here and healthy and I can't wait to have a little helper out in the barn and for the day I can give him an egg carton and he can reach in gather the eggs!

I hope to be posting again on a (hopefully) regular basis!

If this doesn't sound the greatest, sorry, tired today!

                                                                                             ...cluck... cluck... cluck...