Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goodbye 2011... Hello 2012!


And Happy New Year!!!! The chickens didn't stay up last night to watch the ball drop. They turn into pumpkins as soon as it gets dark, and since Foghorn likes to get up BEFORE the sun, they are all early birds. They did tell me they enjoyed their baby-sitter putting them to bed last night, so thanks Nicole from me and the chickens.

They have a few New Years resolutions I'm supposed to share with everyone:

"I resolve not to tear up your flower beds anymore if I can run around in the yard again." ~ Cadberry

"I resolve to stop hitting on your your presence." ~ Prissy

"I reslove to lay more eggs." ~ Stay Puffed

"I resolve to be a little nicer and acceptin' to Chaz, know what I'm sayin?" ~ Foghorn

"I resolve to fly the coop less and be my own chicken and not so much of a follower." ~ Sam

"I resolve to lay my eggs in more obvious places so that you can actually find them." ~Kailyn

"I resolve to finally stand up for myself to Foghorn and to stand by my beliefs. I resolve not to be bullied by Foghorn anymore and to beat his buttocks if he doesn't let up." ~ Chaz

I also asked Jimmy and Charlie and the steers what their New Years resolutions are:

"I resolve to not lay in the mud so much."  ~ Jimmy

"I resolve to go on a diet." ~ Charlie

"I resolve to out-live the other guy!"  ~ The Steers

I'll let you know if anyone sticks to these or not. That can be a whole other post! Good luck to everyone in their 2012 goals! I hope this yer brings blessings to all. Have a safe and happy new year!

                                                            ...cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck......

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