Thursday, October 27, 2011

In order to begin, let's review:

WELCOME to my chicken blog! So many family members and friends enjoy my posts on Facebook about my infamous chickens, I decided to devote a whole blog to them. In another post, I'll describe the various chickens I have and how many and other details. For this first entry, I've decided to copy all the posts I ever put up on Facebook so we can all be on one page. I was surprised that I didn't have as many as I thought I did. Oh well, so here goes:

"I am now the proud momma of 20 baby chicks :)  " (3-19-2011)

"I had a dream that I found eggs. I checked the girls' nest box twice today and found nothing. What a bunch of freeloaders : ( "   (7-7-2011)

"I GOT AN EGG!!!!! My cluckies are freeloaders no more!!!!"   (7-28-2011)

"I know who my egg layer is! Sadly it's not Prissy. But my A-student is out there now so I'm hoping to find another surprise later in the day!!!"  (7-29-2011)

"Egg #2 was discovered this afternoon!" (8-1-2011)

"It's like Easter everyday now :) "  (8-2-2011)

"My little neighbor thought it was funny to hide Easter eggs all over my lawn last other chicken news, there was a new egg discovered in the nest box this morning, but the shell was more of a membrane. Hopefully it's just because we have a newbie laying eggs and hers will firm up soon."  (8-4-2011)

"Two of my cluckies are laying now!!!! 16 more to go!"  (8-7-2011)

"In chicken news, my 2 laying cluckies are on the same page for the past 2 days, so now I have 4 eggs in my carton. :)  (I think it's obvious what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow morning.)"  (8-9-2011)

"Becca is one proud momma!!! My newest layer, the one in the nest box, squirted out a big egg yesterday. No wonder, it was a double yolk! (Someone's an over-achiever) :)"  (8-10-2011)

"R.I.P. flower beds. It only took all summer, but the chickens finally found you :( "  (8-23-2011)

"R.I.P. to my girl who got hit on the road yesterday. Who hits a chicken and doesn't stop at the house? Seriously, it's like hitting someone's dog. The rainbow this morning told me she made it to the big roost in the sky. Terribly sad about this. Big changes to come at the Shawhan farm." (9-21-2011)

"Record day of eggs the other day: 15!"  (10-21-2011)


  1. I'm putting this in my favorites list!

  2. Just so you know, I love this! They are even funnier all in one location!